Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Don't be a hater, dude

Read the whole sad story over here.


Anonymous said...

this is fucking hilarious

tedster said...

What a great graphic of the bum on the bed. I've lived that life and since I'm re-reading Bukowski's "Notes of a Dirty Old Man", it really hits home. The story is very funnny, but I really like Stevie Wonder's "Innervisions" back in his stoner days. I'm glad I don't have a ponytail.

Dan Leo said...

Tedster, yeah, that picture (by Robert Doisneau, by the way) just keeps getting better every time I look at it.

Anonymous said...

Hey hater,

I meant to tell you yesterday. This is my favorite Robert Doisneau shot.

Love it!

Love, love, love.

Dan Leo said...

You have exquisite taste, dear Blue Girl, and thank you for stopping by.

And by the way, dear readers, check out Blue Girl's own fabulous site. She lives in some strange state in the middle of the country and she needs the business.