Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New stuff coming down the line!

Just a little update: 

New adventures of the Memoirs of Arnold Schnabel will be forthcoming sometime in the coming weeks, and once they resume I hope we will be back onto our old chapter-a-week schedule. We here at the Arnold Schnabel Society have been very busy for the past month with the rolling out of Railroad Train to Heaven: Volume One of the Memoirs of Arnold Schnabel, now available both as a large format paperback and as a Kindle e-book (which you can order here), and now we are deep in the preparatory work to continuing the serialization on the latest volume. In the meantime, we present again the very first Arnold Schnabel poem ever published on this site:

"In Fisher Park"

In Fisher Park I heard a lark;
‘Twas the first or perhaps the second day of Spring.
I ceased my rambles and sat upon a mossy rock --
The better for to hear him (or her) sing.

The song he sang (or was it she?)
Drilled deeply into my unworthy soul:
“Cheep cheep!” sang he or she to me, most wretched me,
And, yes, I wept, and soon lost all control.

In Fisher Park I met a young lad
In Wintertime, with cheeks of rosy apple glow;
He showed me what I knew not I had:
An innocence buried ‘neath frozen snow.

In Fisher Park I met a young girl
In Summertime, and like a flower was she;
She put my crazéd brains into quite a whirl
But in the end showed peace to me.

In Fisher Park I met an ancient priest,
Mumbling his daily office (yes, ‘twas Fall);
He told me that of men I was the very least,
But that to Jesus this meant nothing at all.

In Fisher Park I heard a lark,
I met a lad, a girl, a wise old priest;
What did I learn in my ramblings through the glades of Fisher Park?
Only this: that God loves every man and beast.

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*"Simultaneously one of the great works of Catholic and fallen Catholic literature. Holy and unholy, sacred and sacrilegious,  and a ripping good read." – Bill Buckley

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The book is here!

Railroad Train to Heaven, Volume One of the Memoirs of Arnold Schnabel is now available as a handsome big glossy paperback or as a Kindle e-book! Click on the cover image below and be the first kid on your block to read it!