Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Mathilda, My Second Cousin, Twice-Removed"

"There comes that awful moment in a young person's life when he or she suddenly realizes that everything is poppycock."

Mathilda, My Second Cousin, Twice-Removed, by "Hannah P. Van Steuben" (occasional nom de plume for Horace P. Sternwall; a Midwood "original" novel; paperback; 1954.

Originally priced at 35¢ (US), a "very fine" copy of the one-and-only printing of this steamy tale of lust and murder recently sold on eBay for $5.25!

(Special thanks to Patricia Ingold for her tireless archival work.)

(Scroll down the right-hand side of this page to find a listing of links to the opening passages of many other curiously-out-of-print works of that forgotten master Horace P. Sternwall.)

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