Thursday, July 12, 2007

Because we care about you, our dear readers

In order to make this site slightly less bewildering, especially to newcomers, our blog-designer Helen (above) has added a new feature to our sidebar, which we modestly call "Some Other Precious Nuggets From the Vault". Here you will find tables of contents of several of our popular ongoing series, with links to the various items therein, in reverse chronological order. Enjoy, and a special tip of the hat to the lovely and talented Helen.


Anonymous said...

It's all starting to come together now: the master plan!

But then again I just smoked a big old blunt.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, we all need to blunt the nerves once in awhile, especially those of us that have to deal with that nettlesome entity called "the general public."

Pierce Inverarity said...

Well Sir, I for one say its about time. I've been living in a state of Perpetual Presentiment that the good folks at the Schnabel Society would yank their gracious charter (still somewhat puzzling, btw) due to the clutter.
Huzzah, Helen, Huzzah!