Saturday, August 4, 2007

Wow -- even a rave from the grave!

Our correspondent Amy has been so good as to forward to us the following notices:

"Driving at night with my ferret I read Dan's authorizing because I so love getting it from a guy deep, as deep as the blue shore." -- Paris Hilton

"Schnabel just can make me go sometimes Honk-Beep-Beep!" -- Yoko Ono

"My neighbor Mrs. H.B. Stowe has been cluckin' so much about somethin' called a blag and an A. Schnabel's great writing talent that just to snap her flap I went out 'n bought me a dang computer! I don't even have a phone yet!" -- Mark Twain

Thanks, Amy!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ferret says "That was me driving officer."

Yoko, Glad something makes you do somebody.

Mark give it a rest, it ain't worth your time, but we could use a little humor.