Wednesday, December 19, 2007

By popular demand: Skee-ball-ette!

In response to dozens of e-mails and especially to our friend Kathleen's puzzled comment , we present above a special pre-holiday bonus illustration for our preceding episode of the adventures of Arnold Schnabel, brakeman and poet. It should be noted that the "ski ball" apparatus Arnold and his friends played on at Frank's Playland in Cape May was much more massive and long and upward-sweeping and even more impressive and frightening than this handsome model.


Unknown said...

For once even I couldn't think what
to say. But Manny used to play skee-ball, just like this, at "Riverview Amusement Park," where it was one of the most popular games they had. In his recollection? "Good clean fun."

Anonymous said...

Is Frank's still there Dan? I know there are still plenty of Skee-ball emporiums at the Shore.

Dan Leo said...

As far as I know, Frank's is still there. I'll be in historic Cape May County over the holidays, so I'll check. And maybe play a brisk round or two of Skee-Ball.