Saturday, November 10, 2007

Applause, please

Two of our favorite bloggers, Kathleen Maher of Diary of a Heretic, and The Self-Styled Siren got close but no cigars in the 2007 Weblog Awards. Kathleen writes great serialized fiction and the Siren writes greatly about great old movies. So go to their respective sites and show some love. And don't forget to applaud.


Unknown said...

Oh, Dan, So nice, so brilliant, brash and bombastic! I'm up for that Lauren Bacall dance right now, but Manny says he doesn't know any bars like that; he's not sure they still exist--if they ever did.

Dan Leo said...

Kathleen, I suspect that these sorts of bars only existed in the luxuriant imaginations of Broadway set designers.

But what a babe that Lauren Bacall is.