Monday, March 26, 2007

"The Harrowgate Mob", Argyle & Ontario Streets, Philadelphia; October, 1964

Also known as "The Pink Football Gang". Major suppliers of "uppers" and "downers" throughout the Kensington, Juniata, Harrowgate and Olney neighborhoods of Philadelphia. By late 1966 this legendary crew had been all but wiped out by the stern efforts of Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo, by the military draft, through turf wars with rival gangs "The K&A Meth Monsters" and "The Feltonville Fools" as well as Angelo Bruno's Mafia, and not least by excessive consumption of their own product.

Identified left to right: Unknown, James "Dugs" Dugan, Unknown, Michael V. "Moon" O'Malley, Charles ("Chuck Cheese") Silverstein, Oliver "O" O'Doyle, Max "Molly" Malinowski, Francis X. ("Big X") Frye, Unknown, Anthony "Tone" Delicato.

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Those other fearsome rivals of the Harrowgate Mob --

The Mini-Skirt Mob!


Anonymous said...

These guys look the oft referenced thorns in Sister Harold Mary's side. Typical diocesan punks. They'd slink away like scaredy-cats at the first whiff of the infamous West Oak Lane Clang Gang.

Dan Leo said...

Damn straight, Anon. The Harrowgates might have been a bunch of pill-popping nutballs, but they weren't suicidal enough to cross Broad Street and encroach on the turf of the fearsome Clang Gang. Their ghastly heads would have been found swinging from the telephone wires like sun-bleached Chuck Taylors.