Saturday, December 25, 2010

A very special Arnold Schnabel Christmas sonnet

Some of the boys from the Heintz plant, at the Green Parrot, Christmas Eve 1962

In the spirit of the day we re-broadcast this classic poem from Arnold Schnabel, first published in the Christmas 1962 number of the
Olney Times.

Compliments of the season!

“Christmas Eve in Olney

It’s Christmas Eve, the factories are closed,
The boys from Heintz and Budd and Tastykake*
Are free, the Proctor & Schwartz crew have hosed
Themselves down and gone home, each lad to take
Out his one good suit from off the Sears rack,
A crisp white shirt with tab collar from Krass
A thin dark tie, Thom McAn shoes of black;
Splash some Old Spice, then off to Midnight Mass;
But first a brief stop, but just for the one
At the Green Parrot, the Huddle, or Pat’s,
And perhaps also a shot, one and done,
Make it Four Roses, and backed with a Blatz;
Five to midnight, we have time for one more --
Who would dare bar us from Helena’s door?

*"Nobody bakes a cake as tasty as a Tastykake." -- Editor

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classic Schaefer Award-winning memoir Railroad Train to Heaven.)


Jason Gusmann said...

goddamn, that's good. merry christmas dan leo.

Dan Leo said...

And a merry day after Xmas to you, too, Jason!

Unknown said...

Christmas at last and for real, Dan. Thanks.

Dan Leo said...

You're welcome, Kathleen, and a merry day after the day after Xmas to you!