Wednesday, March 27, 2019

“Never Fall in Love with a Jerk”

“Life is not a Jane Austen novel. If you meet some guy and he strikes you as a jerk, he’s probably a jerk. So why did I fall for this stupid jerk Jimmy Callaghan? He had jerk written all over him. It was like he was one of those poor schmoes who walk around wearing sandwich boards, except instead of saying MEN’S SUITS 2-FOR-1 his sign said in big black letters: JERK.”

Never Fall in Love with a Jerk, by “Hilda Pryce Stone” (Horace P. Sternwall), a Beacon Books “Paperback Original”, 1954; republished in slightly revised form as Dally Not With a Lout, by “Hildegard Pierce-Stevens”, Pick-a-Dilly Books, (“Never Published Anywhere Before”), U.K., 1956.

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